This moment

This week hasn’t been too great, here’s why:

1. We haven’t gotten to the garden, for various reasons I will probably outline below. One being the HEAT.

2. I woke up with a killer headache Monday which killed (see what I did there) any chance of getting to the garden before the heat. Or even leaving the house.

3. I woke up late, really late, Tuesday morning. The kids had decided to let me sleep in, and they watched a manthron of tv shows. They were my little ponies the rest of the morning…yes, even the boys, don’t judge. The my little ponies had Pokemon abilities if that helps.
You would think sleeping in would be nice. You would be wrong. My kids get grumpy after too much tv, video games, etc.

4. Dave came home sick. That sucked, so much. I hate seeing him sick, and he doesn’t let up. He still put in a full day work, he still helped with the kids…

5. I didn’t get to sleep until the wee hours of this morning…and came down at normal time. I fell asleep on the couch, which is impressive considering bekah was climbing me and Brandi was licking my hand. Too much tv for the kiddos again… Plus running my errands today was a major pain.

6. We’ve had lots of potty training accidents…both types. I’ve scrub the couch and the stairs quite regularly

7. I’ve had nightmares about ex friends of ours…yes nightmares.

8. We are having major trouble with selfishness, fits and over reactions. My daughter also thinks its amusing to inform total strangers everything we are doing…this would be my 8 year old.

9. Our home improvements are failing…not going the way we hope. Which is not good considering we want to sell in the future. The neighborhood is not turning out great after almost 5 years…

10. One of Matt’s crabs died:(

I know its not too bad, no drama, no broken stuff (yet), no sudden losses of any type. Bad health, grumpy kids, exhausted parent, and a truck load of stuff for me to do makes today not a good day…but writing it down helps:)

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