I have no intro, getting right down to writing my musings before they slip through the cracks. (I’m cracked, get it?;))
Reading, I have discovered, has replaced sleeping for me. I have so much trouble falling asleep that when I do get a chance for a nap, I end up reading instead. At night, instead of tossing and turning I read. When I’m to tired to deal with fits and stress, I read.., Harper Lee wrote that until Scout (you must know that character) was about to lose reading, she didn’t love reading…”one doesn’t love breathing”.
I would like to meet one person who isn’t snappish when they are tired…I want to know how they do it. I’ve been tired for so long I don’t remember anything else. At times I feel like I could fall asleep on my feet…and half of those times I wish I would.
Reading is my line to sanity right now, I “rest” and am able to face my day and be there for my kiddos.

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