Six Flags

So, this last Friday, Sunday and Monday we decided, along with Mom, to take the kids over to Six Flags (we have season passes). As Dave went through the metal detector, the Security officer told him she had to take the nailcutters he had attached to his key ring. “oh, all right.”
“yeah” Dave replied, “its fine”
“wow, I love you man”
I guess people have given her trouble in the past over that.
What happened at the wave pool reminds one how seriously people take certain things, like their spot in the shade. We had set our stuff in the chairs closest to the water, skipping the search for chairs under the big umbrellas six flags had set up. After playing in the water, I left Dave and Mom playing with the older three while I fed Bekah at the chairs. She promptly zonked out in my arms, and I sat watching the people around me. A few rows back, under the big umbrella, I notice a small group of people with one lady throwing stuff in some chairs while talking to a Six Flags employee. Next to her was a small family, and as the woman shake her head at the employee and piled more stuff on the chairs, I realize that she was actually fighting with the family over the chairs. The employee left, but the family didn’t give up, and more employees came over. I should note she was not alone herself, and had claimed quite a few chairs. Her own family left her to battle it out however.
We packed up and left the wave pool soon after, passing a couple of armed security guards headed in the shade people’s direction. I really really hope it was worth it, but somehow, I don’t think it was.
Scott and Mom headed over to the swing ride on Monday, and Scott copied several other people by taking off his shoes before getting on. After the ride ended, Scott sat right in front of the entrance gate and put on his sandals. Mom kept trying to get him to move since no one could get in with him sitting there, but he ignored her. “Don’t worry about it Scott, take your time” Someone shouted from the line.
He STILL didn’t get embarrassed.
Walking by the joker ride, Dave heard the employee shout “OK people on 8, 7, 6…” and screaming as she made the coaster take off.
Almost done 🙂
Sammie, as she was getting off the little kid swing ride, ended up high-fiving a mother who was waiting for her daughter. Sammie mistook her for a six flags employee (they give high fives A LOT there)
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