I’m sick…in bed, drugged up sick. At least I was most of the day. Right now I’m sitting on couch, sucking on a cough drop, sick.
And I’m taking my kids down with me.
Already my Sam has requested a cough drop, Mr.Freedom (see yesterday’s post) has cough issues also and I’m waiting for the other two to go down shortly.
My brain is mush, but I tried to do some thinking while dying today. Most of my reflections are not worth sharing unless you are a huge fan of crazy.
Which I am, but not sharing those today.
Sooo….don’t you hate it when people climb out the box you put them? I’m all about not stereotyping, but to make some semblance of order in life, sometimes I put people in boxes. Trouble is, I don’t  realize I do that until someone does something different or is different  than I expected…
Lesson learned, don’t put people in boxes. So…how else do you control the chaos from human interaction? Hm.
Off subject: I’m going to gush briefly about my awesome husband. Today he took over the kids and the house and sent me to rest. He’s had some pretty stressful weeks at work and the weekends are his destress time. Not one complaint, just concern for me.
I love him.
He’s never fit in a box, and I’ve never tried to fit him in one. He’s awesomely unique.

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