Jealousy, I have learned, is often mistaken for injustice identified. This usually occurs when accuser doesn’t look at the situation from the accused eyes.


So then, I ask, how does one deal with a person (or people) who demands you to be straight with them, but then doesn’t listen when they get exactly that? How do you deal with a person who claims to hate people talking behind their back, but then never vocalizes that to those people?


Worse yet, how do you deal with someone who refuses to admit they are part of a problem?


I thought that part of loving someone means listening to them when they speak and actually respecting their opinion. Because…. *GASP* …hey just might be right and *YOU* might be wrong!


No, I can’t make other people listen. I mean, I wish they would. Another, completely terrible, aspect of all this is the rumor mill. I’d call it the Lie Shack, but that’s just mean 😉 With people not talking to each other and a 3rd party passing incorrect information (either on purpose or accidental) to both sides…. how is this Christian? How is this healthy? How is gossiping doing ANYONE any good at all?


Seems to me that the only way to clear the air is to talk. …but they aren’t listening. ARGH!!!!


So I ask myself, do *I* really want to be around people like this? Do I need to expose my family to people like this? Absolutely not. Not until things change a bunch.


I dunno. It’s all immature and childish. No wonder I dislike soap operas and people who feed on drama :/


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  1. claymore1977 says:

    Another thought: Jealousy makes the assumption *you* have something *I* actually want =D

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