Quitters Never Win


Hey all. I was just listening to a podcast and heard a very interesting assertion.

“One of the greatest lies ever told: Quitters Never Win.”

I found that really interesting as I have heard that statement used as encouragement throughout my entire life. The more I think about it, the more I realize he’s spot on. The example used to drive home his point was:

“Think about the fly that doesn’t understand the window glass and continues to fly into it, again and again and again. If he takes to heart the saying ‘Quitters never win’, then what is that fly’s future?”

The base intent, I believe, of the saying is to encourage people to have a good work ethic. To persevere. But what this man is saying also makes a lot of sense. If you are in a job that you’re no good at or unhappy with, then the saying ‘Quitters never win’ will only perpetuate your misery. If a child tries as hard as they can, but just isn’t very good, or very interested, at playing baseball, continuing to try will not do the child any good.

So there’s an interesting observation here. We have to teach our children when it’s appropriate to quit and try something else, and when it’s appropriate to suck it up and stick it out. And that’s something I think a lot of Adults don’t really know very well themselves.

Just an interesting thought I figured I would share.


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