Nyquil, possibly copyrighted, gives me a nasty hangover. Kinda like dayquil does. Basically, the quil family of meds is not my friend.

I first noticed this fact in college, while, after taking dayquil, I met with my biology professor. I was so buzzed, and a some part of me was fully aware of how ditzy I sounded. This horrified part of me was finally able to shoved the feeling no pain part down and apologize to my teacher. She was awesome, she laughed and explained exactly why the meds were messing me up.
At that point my brain gave up the ghost and I smiled, nodding politely.
Ever since I’ve been leery of day and ny quil. Last night Dave forced me to have some (you totally did!!) And I zonked out.
I’m not actually sure I’m awake.
The above post was written two days ago. My husband came home, things got crazy. I forgot about finishing. Yesterday was one long drugged out party, just instead of adults there were¬† lots of coughing kids begging for the freedom of outside. Instead of drugs there were.. well, drugs, but the children’s medicine type. No time to post.
Today, we ran out to Target so I could be amused by all the people grabbing last minute Mother’s Day cards.

Today isn’t about getting a card. Yeah, as a mom I can say I appreciate cards and gifts from my kids. I enjoy letting my mom know I love her.

The best gift, however, is time. ¬†Right now the kids have no choice but to give me their time. I kinda control their lives right now. Later, however, they will get busy with their lives. I’m ok with that, because really, one of the things about being a Mom is letting go. Heck, if they forget Mother’s day, I’m still ok with it. I will make sure to publish embarrassing photos of them online, but still, we will be even after that.
Remember your Mom today because she’s awesome, not because you have to.

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