I need to improve my blogging skills, I just kinda jot my thoughts down with no grace or style (and with a hint of proper grammar).

There will be the day I actually force myself to do more than just type down my thoughts…but it’s just not today.;)

I’m sitting here playing play doh with Matt and Bekah. Such a simple everyday thing, but it allows me to relax and laugh. Matt’s personality is so awesomely quirky he makes me smile just looking at him. It’s surprising that someone with so many springs in him can sit long enough to play play doh ….maybe that’s why he is twitching and the table is shaking.

I need to put up the photos I’ve been taking, including the ones of Matt’s birthday. I am nervous uploading to this site. Last time I did I got complaints.sigh. Yes, I wrote sigh

should I mention

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