Life Is Good!

LIGLogoLife here at casa de Loman is pretty good. Awesome wife, great kids, a house (albeit a bit small now), and a great job… more than many have and I am grateful. Nothing is perfect though. Our walk on the path of being debt free is a long one, but a trip that is doable and one that is well underway. Lots of long hours and hard work ahead. But since nothing good ever happened by sitting on your butt, I’m okay with that.

We’re looking to move in the near future to a place that has a bit more land, and a bit less HOA 🙂 We could easily finish out our years here in this house, if we had to, but I’ve been feeling the need to get our kids some land where they can run. Thankfully my job allows for Telework, so that increases the range at which we can look. On the other hand, both mine and my wife’s skillsets make it possible to completely uproot and move just about anywhere.

So yeah, lots of awesome in our future, no matter how you slice it. Can’t wait!

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