Girls vs. …girls

Scott came first, then Sammie came roaring in…boy then girl, so I had the full experience, right? Trucks and dolls. Yeah, well, not so much. I will blog about Mr. Scott later, this morning ms. Pretty not so girly ways come to mind.
Sammie burst onto the scene only 15 short months after her brother. While holding her own, she liked what Scott did and showed little interest in dolls, dresses, and other “girly” stuff. While she liked princesses, but she spent more time playing cars. I will admit, I was indifferent.
After Sammie came Matt, after Matt came Bekah…and here was my girly girl. This morning, for example, while Sammie played Legos, I played Dollies with Bekah. Sammie likes pants, Bekah loves Dresses…yet funny enough Bekah adores Sammie. I enjoy seeing how different my girls are, how unique.

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