Dave asked me to not open any boxes addressed to him since he ordered my birthday gift.
Soooo, this occurred today…
A package came and Scott brought it inside.
“I’m not allowed to open it.”
Scott : ” ok,” stares at the box he is still holding.
“It might be my birthday gift.”
“Oh,” Scott still stares at box.
“Sooo I’m not allowed to open it…but you can,” I give him a big grin…
“Ok!” PutsĀ  it down and tries to open it…
“Wait, Scott, I was joking!”

Same day…
We are in the car, running errands. Even though I told the kids where we are going, Matt asks again and again. He also wants to know how many stores we are going to, how long each place will take, etc.
I finally get frustrated and tell him “let’s pretend I already answered all your questions.”
Matt: “ok, and let’s pretend I don’t remember “

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  1. Dave says:

    That’s my boy! LOL

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