A flare is when my fibromyalgia pain is bad instead of manageable.  Several things can set off a flare including stress, going overboard on physical activities or getting sick. I had a bad flare Saturday, in addition to my cold with chest pain. Yesterday I was doing ok pain wise, but last night it got bad again.

I’m of the school that says tough it out. But when your body is in intense pain and no meds help, it’s pretty hard to be tough. I’m not ashamed to admit I want to cry, if only that would help.
I still have a cold, still feel sick, but the pain is taking center stage. I’ve been off my meds for almost two years now, choosing to battle fibro other ways. I hated the side efforts of the meds. It took a long time being off them before I felt like myself again.
Days like today, I’m tempted to take something.

I’m sharing a site that one of my FB fibro groups put up:
what people with chronic pain want you to know

Enough whining.

Today the kids and I are having a sick day since three out of four kids are now ill.
This priceless little girl has the cough:

Board games, video games and tv. Mr. Freedom is the only one not sick, so he proudly made sandwiches for everyone.
Such a sweetie:)

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