Day 3…again

I already wrote a post today for my challenge, on teaching the kids tennis. It was really boring, so I took it down. Not that this post will be much better, but, eh, what can you do?

The kids saw a bald eagle flying over our neighborhood, but I didn’t grab the camera in time to snap a really good photo. By the time I changed to a telephoto lens and headed back outside it was a good distance away. Even zooming in to 250mm this was the best I could get, no tripod:



baldeagle-3844 baldeagle-3845

Funny how, in some parts of the US, Bald Eagles are a common sight, but right here it is exciting enough that Sammie is still talking about it. There are nesting sites not too far from us, but we still don’t see too many.

Last time we saw an eagle it was over at a park near York.

The bridge to York


I love this park, the hiking trails are short, but there is an awesome view.

You know what else is awesome in that photo? Lean in really close to your screen…see it yet?

Here, I chopped it down for you

Man GuitarI snapped sevenal photos before I finally noticed him. There were other people out playing music so I could not even hear his guitar.

He climbed out of his spot at one point to flirt with some girl hikers before returning to his music.


He was overlooking the pretty part of the river…

This part….


Not so pretty.

My kids love the park also:


There are rocks to climb, what is not to love?


One lady actually brought her hammock


Last summer, when we saw the Bald Eagle, this place look slightly different:


Here is the Eagle we saw the day we first came to the park…this one actually hung around so I could snapped photos




I love this park.




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