I have a confession: Most of my posts are written via an app on my phone. I have trouble doing the formatting on there, which is why half my post look the way they do.

I’ve been reading over some of my old posts and am quite embarrassed by how they look. I also badly need an editor. However, blogging is not about attracting people to our site, or becoming popular. I’m blogging because for some reason I like sharing random things with strangers.

It is true.

I once had a friend who made a comment about how I randomly text her stuff. Until that moment I never considered that some people didn’t enjoy my out of left field comments and photos. I said once had a friend because that comment was the least of our issues.

I could praise Dave because he takes my randomness in stride. At times I throw him off with my off-topic comments, but he usually shakes it off and follows me down the rabbit hole.

Or just laughs.

I get lots of LOL and smiley faces from him.

Drives me crazy sometimes, but whatever *rolls eyes*

I keep my randomness under control nowadays. One family member agreed I was “weird”, and that shook me for awhile. Now I own that weirdness but tame it down around others.

Except on here. For some reason I’m ok being weird on here.

Lucky you:-)

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