Clanloman Moves to New Domain Registar


Well since the domain renewal was coming up and I am less than happy with Netfirms, has been moved to Yes, we jumped on the Go Daddy bandwagon, but to be fair, they run a pretty tight ship. Plenty of features for a pretty good price.


My main issue with Netfirms is the speed. They still have the Advantage Hosting package that, with the use of the coupon code: MAX20, only costs about $30 for the entire year. But even with $90 off the price of that hosting package, the speed remains terrible. I tried calling Netfirms tech support multiple times and nothing ever got faster. WordPress, Joomla, MediaWiki, phpbb3…. all slow. So, a few months ago I moved the content of most of my sites over to a friend’s hosting service: Omega Management Services. He runs a pretty quick host and I am happy with my site’s performance thus far. Especially since he’s hosting it for free =D


Since I had moved the content of my sites to another host and the domains were up for renewal at full price, it seemed silly to stay with Netfirms. Especially when GoDaddy was offering transfers at $7.50 per year.


So there it is, the short and mostly boring history of the clanloman domain change of 2011.

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