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What’s New With Clanloman?

Not much really. … … Okay, that’s a total lie.   Well, the short version is… we sold our house in Pennsylvania, threw all our stuff in a uHaul, and drove 2200 miles to start a new life in Montana. … Continue reading

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Shimada Data Collection 8/5/2017

    -Today’s Scratch Project- Ana Said Parody by Just_Ina_Blink on Scratch -Overwatch Play/Highlight- -Nice Instagram Account- n_is_epic -Fan Art-          -Today’s Cosplay-  

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Silent Dragon has come to Clanloman

  I have finally reached our official Website.   My Posts will include: *some of my Fan-Fiction *Overwatch Play of the Games (possibly) *Memes *Fan-Art *Song Lyric Ideas *Links to newest Scratch Projects *Photos of Birds, my PokePlushies, and such … Continue reading

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Check One Off the List

…the Bucket List that is. For as long as I have known her, my dear wife has always wanted a Jeep Wrangler. With our Jeep Patriot now paid off, and the Minivan nearly paid off, we made the decision to … Continue reading

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MineCraft… well, MineTest

  Well, the kids have discovered Minecraft.  In lieu of forking out $27 x 4 for licenses or downloading illegal version of Minecraft, I did some research and found an opensource alternative:  MineTEST After downloading it and installing it on … Continue reading

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Been About a Year, Still Good!

Well, I was taking a look at the website (Something I have been very lax at doing) and realized that it has been almost a year since my last Life Is Good post. Well, here it is. Now Sandy and … Continue reading

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8 Paragraph Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Not so shamelessly paraphrased from [this excellent original article], here’s the 8 major bullets.  For details, grace the original authors with a web hit at the link above 🙂 1. Dialogue: Failing to Divide Speakers 2. Dialogue: Failing to Separate … Continue reading

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Raisin’ ’em right

Most kids, when taken to the toy section, look at the toys, maybe play a bit. My kids grab darth vader and  storm trooper masks, toy blasters and lightsabers to launch a full assault on the barbie area….

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*snickering *

I read the following in book description on amazon: Note* This is the second edition of The Twelve Stones. Edits have been made to address the typos mentioned in the reviews below.The book might still suck, but at least it … Continue reading

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Dave asked me to not open any boxes addressed to him since he ordered my birthday gift. Soooo, this occurred today… A package came and Scott brought it inside. “I’m not allowed to open it.” Scott : ” ok,” stares … Continue reading

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