Is Blogging outdated yet? If so, I’m finally joining in:)
I have several projects that I’m starting on…
First, I want to see if I can start selling my photos. Now, I’m not a people person. I like people just fine, but when it comes to small talk, or any talk, I am a failure. I also tend to tell things I should probably keep to myself…bad filter:-)
Second, I would like to get the house in a routine. I write house becomes naming everyone takes too long. With our new dog, and four kids, we really really need to get ourselves together. We do mealtimes, waking up, and going to bed about the same time. Walking the dog, cleaning, doing homeschooling, outings…all up in the air. It use to be ok, but not so much now.
Third, organization…no details needed.
Fourth, SOMETHING set up for my bad days.
Fifth…another shop for my polymer clay stuff. Its crowding up the house.
sixth, getting the house fully painted…its been almost 6 years since we moved in and we are still not done.
Writing a blog for me involves not caring what people think, but I haven’t read a blog yet that the person doesn’t struggle with negativity no matter how awesome they are. Putting what you think out there is scary when you do it on purpose. I’m used to doing it by accident and getting embarrassed instead.

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