Being judged by perfect people

I was judged today.
It is ok, I’m used to it. In fact I’m judged all the time. Everyone is, by their neighbors  (keep a messy yard and you are instantly lazy not busy),  by the people behind you in traffic (speed limit haters…all of them), even by your dog (who is just upset that you pull the 5 second rule on that piece of bread). People might not be vocal but trust me, people reading your status on Facebook might be thinking you spend way too much time discussing your lack of sleep (those who can’t, talk about it).

My judgers  (not a word? So what) tend to express opinions on my homeschooling. Mind you, I don’t hear about it all the time. Perhaps because, giving credit to lack of socialization argument, I don’t venture out too much. Perhaps, also, because when someone  sees 4 kids orbiting around a very stressed out woman it’s nature’s clear signal to stay away.
I don’t hear opinions on being a stay at home mom anymore, outside of today. To me the two tend to go together, but for those who work outside the house and homeschool you are awesome. Sleep depraved, but awesome.
I’m also judged on having fibromyalgia, when I do admit to the condition. I don’t tend to tell people because, honestly, I don’t feel like dealing with the questions. Some people are honestly curious, others think it is just an excuse. I wonder what exactly I need an excuse for…being tired? Being in pain? Being easily distracted? What am I getting out of? I have to get the same things done with or without the pain. Ask my husband, I tend to push myself.
I am also an introvert. People judge me for that also, thinking I’m being too arrogant to talk to them (I’m so very bad at small talk), or that I’m shy (ha!). Being around people wears me out, as much as people do interest me. I like people, I just like them in small doses.
I don’t get comments as much as I used to, with me being at home a lot and with a protective layer of kids when I’m out. When I do get comments, it catches me off guard. I really don’t feel like standing in the middle of the library or store debating the merits of homeschooling. Especially when my kids and I just want to get the errands done so we can go home and watch tv.
Just kidding about that last part…normally it is video games.

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