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FanFictions every Saturday, Shimada Data Collection every opportunity. Fans of: Pokemon, Overwatch, Minecraft. Check us out: pokemonsonic45 on Scratch, v.g.c.tracer on Instagram, Silent Dragon on YouTube.

Shimada Data Collection 8/5/2017

    -Today’s Scratch Project- Ana Said Parody by Just_Ina_Blink on Scratch -Overwatch Play/Highlight- -Nice Instagram Account- n_is_epic -Fan Art-          -Today’s Cosplay-  

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Weird Things Keep Happening! Introduction and Chapter 1

Introduction to the V.G.C V.G.C stands for Video Game Central, the place where characters from all games gather. It also has had quite a bit of oddities happen inside its walls. Weird Things Keep Happening! is a collection of stories … Continue reading

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Silent Dragon has come to Clanloman

  I have finally reached our official Website.   My Posts will include: *some of my Fan-Fiction *Overwatch Play of the Games (possibly) *Memes *Fan-Art *Song Lyric Ideas *Links to newest Scratch Projects *Photos of Birds, my PokePlushies, and such … Continue reading

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