Another Weekend

Another weekend, and still people are sick. Different people then last weekend, but still, illness rules the Loman Clan.
As one of the few (2) well people in the house, and the only person awake, I must amuse myself. Bored, I decided to bore others also:p
Let me write of the cat situation.
Over two weeks ago, we brought home Mona
We set her up in the master bathroom with a litter box, food and water, until we were sure she would be ok with the other cats. We allowed her to go downstairs after a few hours to explore
she met
Maddie and
and proceeded to beat them up.
We finally got Mona back upstairs. However, the drama didn’t end there. Maddie took out her hurt pride on Jingles, who took off and hid in the laundry room…for several days.
Yep. For a time we had a kitty assigned to each level of our home. Mona wandered around upstairs, Maddie guarded the main level (with trips downstairs to the ladies room) and Jingles hid in the laundry room (sneaking upstairs ever so often to eat and drink). Finally, Maddie and Jingles made up.
However, Mona still rules the upstairs. She sleeps in Scott’s bed during the day, hissing at Maya and guarding the stairs. (Maya mostly ignores her, but there are times we have to protect our overgrown puppy from mean little pussycat)
There she is, keeping a lookout
ever so often one of the other cats comes up, and loud noises of tires leaking result. The offending cat retreats downstairs for awhile, only to try again later.
Jingles has taken to sleeping on the first landing. But he is nervous, see?
again, closer so you can see his fear
Dave thinks he may actually be in love with upstairs kitty, but, if so, its unrequited.
So, now we have upstairs kitty and two downstairs kitties.
/boring story ended.
going to bed now.

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