Another Day, Another Treasure Hunt


Today was…ok.  Started off with kids fighting, but calmed down a bit while I took them out for a hike.  We stumbled onto the camp grounds at the park while hiking (one trail led right into them) and they are quite pretty.  There is a creek near a couple of the sites, and it seems so serene, that I would love to camp there.  The kids love to explore, so I think a camping trip would be ideal, before the weather gets even colder.   It does seem every time we gear up to camp, it rains!

I would love to go on about Autumn, how lovely and beautiful it is, but its been written about before.   Enough to say I would spend my time outside just exploring the changing landscapes if I could. Also, taking pictures, since this is one of the best times for nature photos.

After naptime  (quiet time for Scott) I took the kids on a “treasure hunt” in the house.  They loved it, so we will have to do it again.

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