What Do You Call a Little Boy Who….

So the family was partaking of dinner and the increasingly more frequent past time of trading jokes (okay, bad jokes… okay,fine: *Really* bad jokes) at the dinner table started up once again.

Me: “What do you call a little boy who hangs on the wall all day?”

Matt: “I dunno.”

Me: “Art!”

I get a goofy snicker from Scott, but an eye roll from Matt. Not deterred, I try again.

Me: “What do you call a little boy who lay in front of the door all day?”

Matt: “I dunno.”

Scott snickers because he’s figured it out.

Me: “Matt!”

Matt, slightly annoyed: “DAD!”

Me: “Okay okay, Scott stop laughing at your brother.”

Me: “What do you call a little boy who spends all day in the bathroom?”

…slight pause…

Matt: “Scott!!!”

Now, the real answer was ‘John’ but at this point Sandy, Jean and I were in hysterics, and Scott was glaring visual death upon Matt. Matt, however, was positively beaming with pride.


I love my kids. 🙂


Scott’s Future, Revealed!


So we bought Scott this $1 mini clipboard from the clearance bins at A.C. Moore and a small pad of paper to go with it. The very next day, Scott hands Sandy a itemized list of services rendered, complete with fees. Items on this list included: Washing Windows, Protection Services, General Handyman and Scott’s Forever Cash. We laughed, it was cute and funny.


When I asked him what Scott’s Forever Cash was, he said: “For every dollar you give me, I’ll give you 10 Scott’s Forever Cash. When you pay me, you’re actually paying yourselves!


We love our kids =D


*It should be noted that the total on the bill of services was $14… oddly, the same cost of the Bionicle he has been campaigning for.

New Layout

After a failed pseudo-lame attempt at making my own Word Press Theme out of the old clanloman.com theme, I have decided to start a new and look for a Word Press Theme that was minimalist, yet utilized one of the color sets that Sandy and I like. Enter Green-Bug by Got Chance and Nitrogen Designs


Personally, I like it. Scott approves of the little green bugs used a html bullets, so here it is!