What Do You Call a Little Boy Who….

So the family was partaking of dinner and the increasingly more frequent past time of trading jokes (okay, bad jokes… okay,fine: *Really* bad jokes) at the dinner table started up once again.

Me: “What do you call a little boy who hangs on the wall all day?”

Matt: “I dunno.”

Me: “Art!”

I get a goofy snicker from Scott, but an eye roll from Matt. Not deterred, I try again.

Me: “What do you call a little boy who lay in front of the door all day?”

Matt: “I dunno.”

Scott snickers because he’s figured it out.

Me: “Matt!”

Matt, slightly annoyed: “DAD!”

Me: “Okay okay, Scott stop laughing at your brother.”

Me: “What do you call a little boy who spends all day in the bathroom?”

…slight pause…

Matt: “Scott!!!”

Now, the real answer was ‘John’ but at this point Sandy, Jean and I were in hysterics, and Scott was glaring visual death upon Matt. Matt, however, was positively beaming with pride.


I love my kids. 🙂


There is something to be said…

…for backing up files! We recently took down our home server computer in favor of hosting our website with www.netfirms.com. (We got an AMAZING deal via an online coupon, $120/yr hosting for $10/yr !) So in the process of backing up all the websites we had hosted locally, Zero Level formatting the C:\ on the local server and installing one of our space copies of XP Pro, we seemed to have lost some data. The odd thing was that we have 3 hard drives in that machine and all the websites were on a totally different physical hard drive.

Now, dear Matthew got a hold of my Laptop right around the same time and, I swear I don’t know how he did it but, he did something to it that forced me to format and re-install the OS. I was running Vista on the laptop, giving it a try, and hated it. I was looking for an excuse to reformat and install XP Pro, and here it was! But I would have liked to try to save SOME of my files. Is that too much to ask Matt? 🙂

Anyways, between the odd data loss on the server and the crashing of my laptop, the Photoshop files that contained the Dr. Seuss style graphical layout of www.clanloman.com was lost. All of the JPEG fragments remained intact as so did several other related Photoshop files… just the main .psd turned up missing.

So there is something to be said for having a reliable and comprehensive back up plan!