Random thoughts

I’m going to post random thoughts today as my official “post for the day.”

The first thought is really more of a story…

There was a extremely helpful cashier at the checkout yesterday. Most people would think he’s just friendly…so why was I becoming slightly worried he was a unbalanced?
It was the self checkout and he was the cashier in charge (overseer of the registers). I dropped my large jug of Hawaiian punch (purchased mainly so Matt could make corny jokes.) The cashier grabbed it off the floor before I could and asked if I wanted to swap it out with a new one. The jug was intact and even if it wasn’t I had been the one to drop it so I said no. “Are you sure?” I assured him it wasn’t a big deal that it was shook up, he assured me it was no trouble to swap. Back and forth. Forth and back.
I won and left the store with my shaken punch. He slightly dejected…for some reason. Hence my concern, what if my refusal to swap is the final event that drives him over the edge?



I peeked at my FaceBook feed yesterday evening and saw a link to this article: Stop belittling beginner photographers. This article related how a professional photographer (David Duchemin) called out pro photographers who belittle those who new to photography. It annoys some photographers that people buy a nice camera and suddenly call themselves photographers.
I’m not a professional photographer, probably years away from being one if I even wanted to be. I love photography, and being able to capture what I see and share it has gotten easier with advancements in technology. I’m grateful.

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On a whim I decided to challenge myself to write something, anything,  everyday. I decided I should blog instead of writing privately because, honestly,  who keeps things private anymore.
We are obligated to share our intermost thoughts. Not really. What I’ve noticed  people share their superficial thoughts, the ones that are meant to make one laugh or react. I shouldn’t imply that every blogger does that, but some just reinvent the wheel in the fact that points they make and the stories they share have been expressed before. They stay on safe topics, not revealing anything outside of acceptable.
You can read someone’s blog weekly for years and still not know them.
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Being judged by perfect people

I was judged today.
It is ok, I’m used to it. In fact I’m judged all the time. Everyone is, by their neighbors  (keep a messy yard and you are instantly lazy not busy),  by the people behind you in traffic (speed limit haters…all of them), even by your dog (who is just upset that you pull the 5 second rule on that piece of bread). People might not be vocal but trust me, people reading your status on Facebook might be thinking you spend way too much time discussing your lack of sleep (those who can’t, talk about it).

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Favorite Season

Originally, this post contain my musings about fall…

Taken in 2008
Taken in 2008

I waxed about how awesome the season is…


I sounded downright sappy…


Maple leaf

The truth is, while autumn is my favorite season, I really just wanted to post some autumn photos I took over the years.

Which I have now done, thanks for looking:-)