Samantha Crashes Her Ferrari



At approximately 5:10 pm, Wednesday, July 17th, 2013, Samanatha Loman, eldest daughter of Sandra and David Loman, was involved in major vehicular accident. The car involved in the accident was severely damaged when it struck a house at high speed. Ms Loman walked away from the scene uninjured.


In reality, she was carrying her newly completed 1:24 red Ferrari over to her ‘model road’ to stage a scene when she dropped it. It literally shattered into its original parts. She was really upset, but I pointed out that none of the pieces themselves had broken, but rather, the pieces had simply come apart. Superglue, it seems, provides quick bonding but lacks the sheer strength that model cement provides. Good to know.


Making the best of the situation, and trying to get her to smile again, we staged a scene anyways. Always look on the bright side of life!


Sammie Wrecked Her Ferrari from claymore1977 on Vimeo.


Epilog: The model has been rebuilt with less superglue and more cement. Order is restored to the universe.


And so it begins…

Is anyone else nervous about this:


Scott has discovered Pokémon…Dave is enabling and Sammie is photo bombing.

Meanwhile, seeing me taking photos, Sammie wants to show off her project: fossils made from polymer clay buried in sand. She was inspired by her dinosaur book.


and yes, our house is normally that messy;)

Girls vs. …girls

Scott came first, then Sammie came roaring in…boy then girl, so I had the full experience, right? Trucks and dolls. Yeah, well, not so much. I will blog about Mr. Scott later, this morning ms. Pretty not so girly ways come to mind.
Sammie burst onto the scene only 15 short months after her brother. While holding her own, she liked what Scott did and showed little interest in dolls, dresses, and other “girly” stuff. While she liked princesses, but she spent more time playing cars. I will admit, I was indifferent.
After Sammie came Matt, after Matt came Bekah…and here was my girly girl. This morning, for example, while Sammie played Legos, I played Dollies with Bekah. Sammie likes pants, Bekah loves Dresses…yet funny enough Bekah adores Sammie. I enjoy seeing how different my girls are, how unique.

First attempt

I had an idea to restart our old photo album. We use to put up pages and pages of photos with stories of our kiddos, but had to stop when time and interest failed us.
I miss it, and just putting pictures up on Facebook isn’t the same so I am going to start using our website again for photos. Also, for photo projects. Good luck to me:)