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A Story by Samantha

  This was written by Samantha, during School today: “Once upon a time there was a my little pony and a horserider was riding her and they saw a cave and a bear came out and the bear chased the … Continue reading

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Clash of the Titans

  Clash of the Titans. Decent movie, but mildly inaccurrate to established Greek Mythology. It’s worth the $1.06 to Redbox it, but don’t expect the movie to live up to its title. After all, it should have been called “An … Continue reading

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  So I continue to be amazed. First it was a Best Friend, then an Incredible Wife. After that, an Amazing Mother. And now, a Great Teacher. I cannot believe how lucky I am!

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Cookies, Prayers and Naps

  My dearest Samantha during cookie break prayer: “Dear Lord, please bless our cookie. Also, help keep us from going crazy due to too much sugar because Rebekah is taking a nap. Amen.”

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