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Dave, home early today, ran out to get something. I’m upstairs in my bedroom looking something up, and hear the following from the living room: Scott: “Dad’s gone, and mom’s not here, we are ORPHANS” Sammie: “Daddy just went to … Continue reading

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Until I marched up the stairs to my room, I was doing alright. Just fine. But there was no MEOW, no chirp to greet me. We were forced today to find Mona a new home. The rivalry between Jingles and … Continue reading

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New Favorite Word

I have a new favorite word: convoluted… discuss among yourselves

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Florida Court Sets Atheist Holy Day

Cannot vouch for its validity, but it has been circulated around the internet and is a good story none-the-less! In Florida , an atheist created a case against the upcoming Easter and Passover holy days. He hired an attorney to … Continue reading

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Another weekend… its a cold this time that keeps us house bound… so, what to do? Play with Paper bags of course! Here’s Scott Sammie don’t pay attention to the bleach in the background… And finally Matt

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