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For Dave

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Hey all, figured I would post a bit about my most recent endeavor: Multiverse. Multiverse is a Massively Multiplayer Game Architecture written in Java, C# and Jython. Best thing about it is that its FREE! Brought to you by the … Continue reading

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Windows 7

A link to this article scrolled up in the IRC channel I am usually in. It’s golden, truly a hilarious article. Check it:

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Well, Sandy and I have stumbled upon something, well, rather odd and cute. Scott and Samantha have taken to having ‘Meetings’ in their bathroom at various times throughout the day. The timing seems to correlate with the times the are … Continue reading

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Link to Blog

Here is a link to a rant I did. If you have no problem with me, or don’t even know me, don’t go there:p

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