Some of the stories I’ve been reading recently have been…fluff. Something lite to not hurt my brain. Even with fluff I demand a good story. The reason I’m writing this blog post is because I found a sweet (not bad, not good) story that was ruined by…exclamation points. Yeah, I know I’m one to write, with my nearly obsessive use of smiley faces in emails and texts, but I don’t put them in books darn you. Every chapter seemed to contain a shocking surprise! Even sentences that basically added nothing to the sentence were shocking! I was amazed! I normally don’t go after writing styles since they are at least published and doing what I lack the nerve and talent to do but heck! Its amazing! That people think the drama! could be convey! by! a line with a dot! without actually! explaining! why it was so surprising! to protagonist! and why! because the sentence wouldn’t have been different! if it ended in a period! The exclamation points added nothing!

It’s rather interesting that I finished the book anyway, huh? I’ve wanted to know how the story ended! Really! I confess to skimming…I don’t like being yelled at by a book so much. Of course, now that I admitted some of the books I’ve been reading are not literary masterpieces I’m a bit embarrassed. Not embarrassed enough to not published this post, but embarrassed enough to let Dave know that when he lean in to read over my shoulder, it was hard not to jerk my nook away. Now I have to cleanse my brain with some classics. That don’t use exclamation points.

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  1. Davd L says:

    This is amazing! Do you have a list of Authors to avoid! I’d be very interested to know! I love you!

  2. Sandyl1980 Sandyl1980 says:

    sorry, not doing reviews:p

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