What’s New With Clanloman?

Not much really.

Okay, that’s a total lie.


Well, the short version is… we sold our house in Pennsylvania, threw all our stuff in a uHaul, and drove 2200 miles to start a new life in Montana.


Here’s the long version!

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N in Montana

So, I(Clanloman) recently moved to Montana.

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New Author

Hello world! I am a member of Clanloman, but I like to go by the nickname N.

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Shimada Data Collection 8/5/2017



-Today’s Scratch Project-

Ana Said Parody by Just_Ina_Blink on Scratch


-Overwatch Play/Highlight-

-Nice Instagram Account-



-Fan Art-


-Today’s Cosplay-


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Weird Things Keep Happening! Introduction and Chapter 1

Introduction to the V.G.C

V.G.C stands for Video Game Central, the place where characters from all games gather. It also has had quite a bit of oddities happen inside its walls. Weird Things Keep Happening! is a collection of stories from the V.G.C.

This Week:

“Music Zombies” tells how a keyboard once possessed two Overwatch heroes, and how another one and his friend had to stop the music.

Next Week:

The Computer of Insults” tells about a really horrible computer that spat out insults at Winston, Tracer and the others.



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Silent Dragon has come to Clanloman


I have finally reached our official Website.  

My Posts will include:

*some of my Fan-Fiction

*Overwatch Play of the Games (possibly)



*Song Lyric Ideas

*Links to newest Scratch Projects

*Photos of Birds, my PokePlushies, and such

I probably won’t do daily posts, but I’ll be on sometimes.

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Check One Off the List

…the Bucket List that is. For as long as I have known her, my dear wife has always wanted a Jeep Wrangler. With our Jeep Patriot now paid off, and the Minivan nearly paid off, we made the decision to trade in the Minivan before it lost any more value. (To be honest, the value was almost down to scrap metal due to age and milage)

So I took Sandy car shopping for Mothers Day / Birthday and am proud to say she is now the happy owner of a fantastic new Jeep Wrangler.


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MineCraft… well, MineTest



Well, the kids have discovered Minecraft.  In lieu of forking out $27 x 4 for licenses or downloading illegal version of Minecraft, I did some research and found an opensource alternative:  MineTEST

After downloading it and installing it on all the laptops and desktops in the house, Scott and I put together an old linux machine and fired up a MineTest server on it.

I’ll be honest, I had my doubts about how well the kids would like such a low-graphic game (They’ve balked at previous attempts to introduce them to awesome DOS games).  Those doubts evaporated very quickly.

They love it.

And I’ll admit, I find the massive worlds fascinating from both a game play and code development standpoint.  Truly genius tech behind these Mine* world generation algorithms.  It’s provided weeks worth of research, poking at code, etc.  All for free.  (It’s amazing all the information and skills available to you for free).

Anyways, it’s a hoot.  As a family, we’ve accidentally started a flood in Sandy’s house, built a 5km long ‘road’, hollowed out a floating island to build a secret base, built a 1km tall diamond tower, lost control of a lava flow and started a very large forest fire, built a 100 meter tall green zombie-creeper thing, as well as started work on deep sea research facility located 2km below the surface of ‘the ocean’.

And that’s just in ONE of an infinite number of worlds.  I highly recommend it to anyone looking for some cheap fun.




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Been About a Year, Still Good!

LIGLogoWell, I was taking a look at the website (Something I have been very lax at doing) and realized that it has been almost a year since my last Life Is Good post. Well, here it is.

Now Sandy and I could use our website as a platform to broadcast all of our problems and dislikes, but that very very anti-productive. Everyone has problems. Why would someone want to read up on someone else’s problems? Nah. That’s one of the big reasons why I’ve effectively sworn off Facebook, Twitter, etc. Too many people just being petty, childish, self-centered and drama queens. Then there’s the bona-fide jerks. Like the loosers trying to hack our server. Beefed up the security, changed the port numbers, etc. Good luck, morons!

Clanloman has made some significant strides toward the goal of being debt free and then moving on up to something less urban. Debt is such an incredibly destructive thing. Hard to get out of some financial holes once you’ve dug them. Thank God I’ve still got my health, a great job, a wonderful wife, kids and family, as well as a brick and mortar home to call my own. So many people we know have so much less, and I feel bad for them. Well, the ones who didn’t get there by constant irresponsible behavior at least.

Kids are growing like weeds and it’s a struggle to keep them fed and clothed. Wowzers can they tear through clothes! On the note of clothes, our washer died a spectacular death recently. It quite literally flew apart! So off to Lowes went Clanloman to spend $500 that we weren’t expecting to spend. It was *almost* worth it to hear the exclamations of the Lowes Delivery Guys as they hauled the pieces of the old washer away. Ha!

Currently 75% of my offspring are interested in computer programming of some sort. Ruby, Python, Java, C/C++. They’re ‘sampling’ a bunch of stuff, including online frameworks like Scratch from MIT. It’s actually kind of nice to be able to sit down with the kids and talk on a pseudo professional level about Computer Science…. AND THEY ARE ACTUALLY INTERESTED!

I’ve grown quite accustomed to their normal response of, “You done talkin yet Dad?” So needless to say, this recent development of interests in CompSci makes me a very happy guy.

Well the wife and I are getting along smashingly. It’s crazy that even after almost two decades together nearly every day, we’re still best friends. Closer now than ever before, to be honest. Ya know, mushy things like finishing each other’s sentences and laughing at the hundreds of inside jokes we’re developed over the years.

It’s okay to be jealous. 😉

All my copious quantities of hobbies and pet projects I have going continue to creep along, both fueled and derailed by some form of ADD. Of course I’ve never actually been diagnosed, and I don’t think I really do have ADD, just a lot of things on the ‘WANNA-DO’ list and only 24hrs in a day to do them. I’ve got two novels in the works, a PC/Android game as well as some hobby electronics products I’m working to bring to market. Eventually they’ll start to get completed. Eventually.

And that’s all I can really think of for this unofficial ‘yearly’ post. I suppose I should work on posting more often. It’d be good for my composition skills. Yeah. Or something.



P.S. In the interest of full disclosure, we here at clanloman.com are doing what nearly every other website does and we log IPs. We also Geolocate those IPs, so we know (more or less) who is hitting our site. Friends, family, and acquaintances both current and estranged. So.. here’s a shout out to Idaho, Florida, SoCal, Ohio, and Perth!

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8 Paragraph Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Not so shamelessly paraphrased from [this excellent original article], here’s the 8 major bullets.  For details, grace the original authors with a web hit at the link above 🙂

1. Dialogue: Failing to Divide Speakers
2. Dialogue: Failing to Separate Speech From Action
3. Action:  Failing to Divide Actors
4. Action: Failing to Observe Motivation-Reaction Units
5. Description: Failing to Separate New Entities
6. Description: Failing to Indicate a Change in Setting
7. Narrative: Failing to Delinate New Subject/Thought/Topic
8. Narrative: Failing to Employ Dramatic Effect

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